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Despite being absorbed thoroughly by the University and numerous end term tests and projects I still have lot's and lot's of free time on my hands... Let's face it, I'm just faffing about.

There was very little to none activity arround in ASM repo lately due to a single, simple reason - my poor time management skills. I'm an Emacs Org-Mode user and most of my time management happens in accordance to David Allen's GTD but for some reason I thought "Herp derp, Myself, let's not put them projects into them GTD lists! Heck no!" and left delicious, lispy ASM aside to bitrot on my harddrive...

Not going to happen anymore as I've just created a dedicated GTD list, in addition to numerous TODO lists ASM already had, where I'm going to schedule next actions to be performed in ASM codebase aswell as deadlines for the releases. Furthermore, I got myself a laptop so I can code on the go and...

puts sunglasses on

...go on with the code.


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