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So, I'm going to break the usual design-quirk rutine and actually show something fun this time and then we'll return to some OOD stuff I was planning to post.

It all started with an assignment me and my brethren freshmen got on our programming subject that would be loosely translated to /Programming languages and design methods/ I believe. We had to code a rather simple algebraics calculator that uses infix notation and supports several math functions such as factorial, power et cetera. The more advanced version of this assignment had to implement integrals and plotting so I thought "why the hell not?". Obviously I didn't aim for the second version as it implied a rather advanced framework that would support all kinds of goodies, because I can't stand writting a piece of crap that's only purpose is to work past the rating tests, and such a framework, the fun experience it might be, would take lot's and lot's of time to become of a satisfying elegance level. Yeah, I am picky, you don't even imagine. Anyway there it was, although I wasn't quite satisfied with it, keeping in mind all this "advanced" and "framework" stuff, it turned out quite... we'll see.

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