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Blog reboot!

Posted on by Idorobots


Finally got around to rebooting my old dev-blog! This time instead of fighting my way against some new unforgiving piece of blogging software I've decided to write my own piece of even less forgiving blogging software.

Let's see how it goes this time...


In case you are wondering, here are some questions & answers regarding λ-blog:

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Hello world!

Posted on by Idorobots

It's worthy to say a couple of words about myself before all this crazy talk starts, so... The name's Kajtek, or Kieth if you please. I'm a nerd, let's face it. I like to code, I do it alot and there's a good chance I'm doing it right now. I'm going to become a robotics mastermind and the human race' overlord, I'll code that up. This blog is the log of this process.