Blog reboot!

Posted on by Idorobots


Finally got around to rebooting my old dev-blog! This time instead of fighting my way against some new unforgiving piece of blogging software I've decided to write my own piece of even less forgiving blogging software.

Let's see how it goes this time...


In case you are wondering, here are some questions & answers regarding λ-blog:

What it isn't?

λ-blog is not merely a standalone tool you use to generate a static site with.

So, what is it?

λ-blog is a static site generator generator. This means that you can use it to create your very own blogging platform that will work precisely how you please. λ-blog is also a library of functions useful for static site generation and a Leiningen plugin that makes it easy to create your first static site. And finally, λ-blog features:

  • Bootstrap.
  • A Markdown parser.
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • A set of default, ready to use HTML templates.
  • A hacker friendly way to override anything and everything without much hassle.


I got tired of jumping through many, many hoops to perform even the simplest tasks while using other blogging platforms with predefined filesystem layouts and other arbitrary restrictions. I am a lazy guy, so I wanted a blogging platform with emphasis on hackability & customizability with few restrictions, but offering sane defaults - one that you can start using immediately and hack-in new features as you go. I didn't find any, so I wrote λ-blog.

Here you can find a more in-depth description of how λ-blog works internally and how to use it to your advantage.